The Search

‘At the very least, you can take home a handful of earth’

Three years after the Yetwene attack, Jason’s father Alan Pope travelled to Angola to look for the missing men. His trip fell into place as a result of a call from a local UK filmmaker who was interested in making a documentary for Carlton television about Jason’s disappearance. Realistically, Alan was not expecting to bump into Jason or for any of the men to miraculously emerge from the bush as if preordained. But he was hoping the trip would resurrect memories of the attack and that someone would come forward with new information. With huge time constraints, filmmaker Andrew Brown … read more

Colleagues who never forgot

Almost 14 years on and while many have all but forgotten what happened at Yetwene, a small handful of people have continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes trying to help the families to find out, at the very least, what happened to the men marched from Yetwene on that fateful morning in November 1998. Among these is Briton Robin Barton, who returned to Angola after narrowly escaping death himself during the attack on Yetwene. Besides accompanying Alan Pope to Yetwene in 2001, for almost a decade Robin has tirelessly continued to question the locals and … read more

Against all odds

Although initially held back by the joint stance of no publicity, the renewed fighting in Angola, the apparent inability of the governments concerned to put pressure on the Angolan authorities and hold them accountable as well as the change in ownership of Diamondworks, the families have left no stone unturned in their search. From letters to Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles, Cherie Blair and Savimbi himself, to contacting missionaries along Angola’s porous borders and radio broadcasts appealing for the men’s release, the search for the missing men continued long after everyone else had given up hope and the … read more