Doug Larsen

Douglas Geoffrey Larsen

Doug Larsen – Senior Project Metallurgist

Doug Larsen was a South African national with a wealth of metallurgical experience having worked for leading South African mining houses as well as offshore diamond exploration projects off the Namibian coast prior to working for Branch Energy Limited at Luo and then Yetwene. Originally employed to get new projects up and running, Doug had been retained at Yetwene until the next new project. Doug (47) had resigned from Branch Energy and at the time of the attack and had three weeks of his contract left. Doug had  three sons and three daughters – Carl, Warren, Chantal, Jade, February and Dylan. He was married to Karen and lived in Cape Town. Angola map


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  1. Thank you for this Kaz, I think it’s beautiful. I love + miss him so much sis + will never stop praying for his return. Dor

  2. Doug will NEVER be forgotten, he has a very special place in my heart and I have very fond memories. I cannot believe where the time has gone though, it still seems like just yesterday to me. xx

  3. Sometimes people come into your life and leave memories that you will never forget. We will always remember that distinctive, naughty laugh and every time a Beatles song plays, you can’t help stopping in your tracks. Doug left us too soon but he will never be forgotten. Cheryl, Reinhold, Liam and Megan. XXXX

  4. Doug, never forgotten. Life has this uncanny way of throwing curve balls at us. There are season and reasons for all. One can not understand the why sometimes but we forge on ahead. I have seen your wife and son do just this. Not easily, but working through each step and each stage in it’s perfect timing.

    One band that will forever remind me of you is LIVE. I know you are aLIVE out there somewhere and all the answers to those questions of what happened to you will all be answered. In the meantime, life goes on here for us all and I am really happy to say your family is a part of my life now. I am able to join in the fond memories with them, having known and met you.
    Rest well. Your time on earth was short but you left behind your Doug brand 😉 – truly unique.

    • It still leaves me sad too! Thanks for stopping by Will – you played a huge role in helping tell our story. Best wishes to you & Barb and the girls from (sunny) Cape Town.

  5. I was very moved to see the web site of the missing. I had many a good time with Dougie at Cafunfu dianond mine. It was a very anxious time we spent after being taken hostage in Cafunfu. I often do a google to see if there was any news on Doudie. I remember getting off the plane at Jan Smuts , we both went down onto our knees and kissed the ground and said ” thats it not again ” After the ordeal I would often meet up with Dougie in Sunvalley and chat about our time together. I often think about Doudie & the family. Mike

    • Hello Mike, thank you for the message. I recall your name. I also very clearly remember Doug landing at Jan Smuts after Cafunfo, his only possessions being a toothbrush and a T-shirt handed out by the camp staff at Sao Tome – a remnant of the MPLA’s election campaign – that was emblazoned with the slogan ‘u future certo’. And yes, I also recall him kissing the tarmac. Those days were not for the feint hearted. Best wishes, Karen

  6. Doug, you were a remarkable person, always a laugh, always willing to lend a helping hand. Nothing was ever too much. I remember us returning from our last leave and how you said this was to be your last trip. Rest in peace buddy, till we meet again.

  7. It may have taken me years.. But.. I want you to all stop and look at this Beautiful Inspirational woman.. She has pulled me through the worst times and the best. I am a person of few words.. so I will leave you with thanks to the most amazing person I know and a quote from the above mentioned: “sheer perseverance conquers all”

    Nothing can stop you after hearing his voice repeating those words. Having said that, it is just me left. I hope I am a fraction of the person my mother is. I pray my words are as moving as the story of theses brave men.

    with Love to all, always,


  8. I have thought about Doug and his family over the years and came across this site tonight! Doug was a great guy, always good for a laugh and a role model and mentor to me and other younger guys. We worked together on several projects over the years and he even convinced me to change companies one time to come and work with him. I was fortunate to leave the industry and Angola 6 months before the Yetwene tragedy. I remember the day like it was yesterday, when a mate called me in Berlin and told me what happened.
    I keep you in my prayers still my pal Dougie. God Bless you and your family.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your memories with us, especially the laughter and the impact Doug had on you as a mentor. Best wishes, Karen

  9. In not too long it’s going to be 20 years. This story still haunts me, not in the least for its lack of closure.

    Best wishes to you all,
    Will Purcell

    • Hello Will, yes it’s all still quite surreal almost 2 decades on.

      Thank you for always remembering and for your help and support over the years. Your stories always helped to put pressure on those players who were happy to walk away from their moral obligations. I have never forgotten your kindness and willingness to help.

      Best wishes to you and your family,

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